Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Shopping App: Shopkick

One of my favorite apps to use while I'm shopping is the Shopkick app. Shopkick is an application that is available for iOs and Android that has partners such as Best Buy, Kroger, Meijer, Target, and many others. Shopkick puts a device in their stores and when you walk in to the store with your location and Bluetooth on you will receive a walk-in bubble with the amount of kicks credited to your Shopkick account as shown below:

Shopkick also has a few other ways to earn other than just walking in, another way to earn is buy scanning certain products that Shopkick and it's partners want you to scan as shown below:

Another way to earn Shopkick points is with purchases! All you have to do is link a Visa or MasterCard to your Shopkick account and your kicks will be rewarded in a few days! Don't worry as in linking your credit card is completely safe. Debit or credit will work just fine.  Best Buy is shown tomorrow but every retailer is different:

Recently Shopkick has added a new way to earn points which they call Kickbates which is if you actually end up buying a product you scanned to earn points, you will earn kicks by taking a picture of the receipt and uploading it to Shopkick, they will verify that you bought the product and award your kicks!

Everyone always wants to know about the rewards. On Shopkick, you can redeem with as little as 75 kicks which is AE Rewards where 75 kicks add 1 point to your AE Rewards. Some of them are charities and other are rewards such as gift cards. There is no cash option but the gift cards are the same thing. The list of retailers you can redeem for starts at a minimum of 500 kicks. The retailers are listed below:

American Eagle
Red Box
Best Buy E-Gift Card
TJ Maxx
JC Penney
Old Navy
Game Stop
Toys R Us
The Cheescake Factory
Barnes and Noble E-Gift Card
Papa Johns
Foot Locker
Sports Authority
Yankee Candle
Buca Di Peppo
AMC Theatres
Fuel Gift card
Tory Burch
Tiffany and Co.

You can also redeem your kicks for a few products as well but need quite a few kicks to redeem these which are listed below:

Sony Bluetooth Headphones
Coach Hand Bag
Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera
Samsung 32" Smart HDTV

Now you won't earn kicks super fast but this app helps me save some money at the grocery store or buy stuff I normally wouldn't buy. Be sure to use our referral link as every 3 friends that join get 2000 kicks. Our referral link is Shopkick Referral. Be sure to keep the app updated as more ways and more stores appear to earn kicks may arrive. Thanks for reading and happy shopkicking!

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