Thursday, February 18, 2016

Slidejoy: Earn money from your smartphones lock screen!

One of my favorite cell phone application that provides me with a few extra dollars each month is called Slidejoy. Many of you may be wondering how this app earns me money. Slidejoy is a lock screen advertisement, which means when you press the button that awakens your phone, you will see an advertisement for a brand or something that is trending on the Internet. How this works is advertisers pay Slidejoy to advertise and in turn, those advertisements end up on your lock screen. Now the lock screen will look something like this:

Now most of the time, instead of the generic "asking if you want more carats," which is basically points that translate into dollars, it will be normally an advertisement of some sort or some sort of trending news. Back to the carats, how this works is, one carat equals a penny and so on. Slidejoy in recent updates has added an offer tab to its app to help its users earn more carats and larger payouts every month. The offers tab inside the application is like you would find on any other site, the offers are from 3rd party companies. You complete an offer for these 3rd party companies and in turn the 3rd party company pays you carats for completing the offer. Some of the offers are just downloading and opening an app, others are games where you have to get to a certain level and some are applying and getting approved for a credit or debit Target Red Card. As you can see below, for Slidejoy, the partners are TrialPay, Adscend Media, Fyber and Cint Surveys.

 Payouts are on the first of every month. Slidejoy has two different modes, one being Normal Mode which is carats you can redeem into cash and gift cards and the other being Hero Mode where you can donate it to charity.

For Normal Mode the partners you can redeem your carats for are:
Best Buy
Foot Locker
Toys R Us
Xbox Live
AMC Theatres
Papa Johns

In hero mode you can redeem them for:
Feeding America

Using Slidejoy I average about $5 a month. This isn't a lot of money but if you average that every month it adds up to $60 a year without doing any of the offers! Usually this money is just deposited into my Paypal account and left there in case of emergencies or I'll buy a movie or something I normally wouldn't buy. Currently the app is only available for Android but the company is apparently working on an version for iOS. If you decide to download Slidejoy, be sure to use our invite code

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