Friday, February 19, 2016

Survey Site: MintVine

On vacation I was looking for a survey site that provided plenty of surveys and didn't take forever to reach a minimum payout. After searching the web I came across the site of Now normally I stay away from surveys because it normally takes a long time reach the minimum payout, usually $10-$15. Some reviews stated that some MintVine users reached the minimum cash out threshold of $10 in a couple of days. On MintVine, it was very easy to create an account as I just registered with my Facebook account. The first few days I received a few surveys and had about 100 points, the next day I logged on and had a few more surveys and my total after a few days was around 700 points! Now after those initial few days, the surveys slowed in their availability but it didn't take much to get to the minimum threshold. MintVine also has daily surveys which they brand as Points Place. I didn't have much luck with that as it's a funnel survey and I kept getting screened out of each survey they would give me. After taking a few weeks off, I reached the minimum threshold of 1000 points which translates into $10. I checked my Paypal account after two days and my payment was in my PayPal account. In conclusion MintVine is a good survey panel for someone interested in making a few extra side bucks a month with surveys, you won't get rich by taking surveys but it can be away to earn some extra money. I verified MintVine does payout so you don't have to worry about not getting paid from Mintvine. If you sign up for an account at, make sure you use our referral link below.

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